Allison Royce Can Provide Your Business With A Wireless Internet Hotspot

Do you want a San Antonio-based commercial Wireless Internet provider for your business? A Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), also known as a WiFi Hotspot, may be the perfect solution for your guests’ convenience and mobility needs, especially if you’re challenged with structural and access limitations in your building. (It’s also a great way to save on cabling costs.) Wireless networks have become exceptionally popular with commercial outlets wanting to offer Wireless Internet access, or a “hotspot,” to their office staff, clients and customers (e.g., hotels, medical clinics, coffeehouses, libraries, and law firms).

Wireless Hotspot Logo Photo

Allison Royce has recently completed a Wireless Internet installation for a South Texas Holiday Inn near San Antonio and is currently positioned to engineer, install and maintain your point-to-point and point-to-multipoint wireless coverage networks. Allison Royce offers commercial wireless solutions that fit a wide range of applications and budgetary requirements.


Contact an Allison Royce representative today and let your business, employees, clients and customers begin experiencing the true bliss of Wi-Fi Internet freedom!