Do you need to securely log onto your office network remotely from home, away on business, while on vacation, or from a branch office? Do you need employees to be more mobile, but still connected to your network? Just like being there, a Virtual Private Network (VPN) from Allison Royce of San Antonio and South Texas allows you the freedom to remotely, yet securely, access your central network databases, files, printers, emails, everything—all from somewhere else!

Instead of using a conventional and relatively expensive ISDN, or “leased” line, to connect branch offices, today more and more businesses are cutting the costs of remotely connecting by using the public Internet and a VPN. Allison Royce tailors a private, highly secure, and encrypted connection across the public networks for your branches and/or employees working off site (e.g., “in the field”) to seamlessly share and access files, databases, etc., “just as if” your employees are physically on site, connected directly to your secure local onsite network.


See how much easier business can be when everyone in your organization is truly “connected.” Discuss all of your networking needs today with an Allison Royce associate.