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Looking for high speed Internet access in San Antonio? One size doesn’t fit all. As a high speed Internet access provider, Allison Royce of San Antonio understands that different business environments require different types or speeds of broadband. For example, an office which only uses the Internet to send emails, gather news, and share relatively small attachment files with outside entities, might only require the integrity, consistency and speed of a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) or Cable.

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On the other hand, an office environment transmitting larger files over the Internet, requiring more continuous, consistent and robust bandwidth reliability, such as an architectural design firm or hospital, and/or those relying heavily on Internet telephone services or Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP), may require the high speed Internet of a T-carrier 1 (T1). Cable, DSL, and T1 broadband availability may also be limited by your geographical location.

Allison Royce continually remains a leading commercial provider of high speed Internet access services in San Antonio and South Texas. See also our services in IT Network Engineering, IT Network Services and Managed IT Networking, commercial Wireless Internet services, Data Center Colocation, Dark Fiber, Carrier Services, and IT Support and Consulting.


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