Need to increase your voice and data bandwidth capacity or connect to a telecommunications provider of your choice? Dark Fiber (also known as unlit fiber or raw fibre) may be what you’re looking for. Place your own equipment on each end of your own data fiber optic glass. With a rich history of service in San Antonio and South Texas, Allison Royce knows where all the hidden treasures of Dark Fiber are buried and will gladly show you how and where to find it.

Data Fiber Optic Array

In addition to Dark Fiber, Allison Royce offers a complete line of Data IT Network business solutions including Carrier Services, T1 and DSL (Digital Subscriber Line) Broadband, Wide (WAN) and Local (LAN) Area Networks, Network Design, Engineering, and Maintenance, Data Center Collocation, Managed IT Services, Internet Security, VoIP (IP Telephone Services), SAN Storage, Backup and Recovery Services and much more. Contact an Allison Royce representative today to begin receiving the highest quality and most cost-effective capabilities your network has to offer.


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