Hosted PBX

Times have changed. Traditional proprietary and vertical PBX systems have held businesses back for years with restrictive features and service limitations, not to mention expensive capital expenditure (CAPEX). System maintenance and changes are also unpleasantly expensive and time consuming. Businesses today need more features, less complexity, and manageable costs.

Enter the Hosted PBX service, also known as VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol). Hosted PBX completely eliminates the PBX or phone system from your office. Your PBX lives in the Cloud and is monitored and managed 24/7 by Allison Royce systems administrators.

Hosted PBX Visio
Hosted PBX uses IP phones that share your existing computer network. The PBX portion of the system is included and managed as part of the service so there’s no PBX to buy, maintain or upgrade. Personnel changes are quick and easy with the ability to move or relocate phones by simply unplugging and reconnecting.

Hosted PBX Internet phone system changes and upgrades no longer require expensive equipment installed at your office, nor lengthy and expensive visits from the phone system vendor. Hosted PBX changes are inexpensive and quick. System expansion is often as easy as just simply plugging in a new phone.

Today’s typical office network and broadband Internet service already provides a solid platform and is a ready-to-go environment for a Hosted PBX phone system. Begin hosting your PBX today with Allison Royce of South Texas and San Antonio.


Start saving your company big today!  Contact Allison Royce of San Antonio to find out more about the Internet Phone technology that’s perfect for your business.