Telephone services, since the beginning of time, have used copper lines to deliver a dedicated phone conversation. These copper lines are often POTS, T1 and PRI. This legacy technology is inefficient, as they are reserved for just phone conversations and their cost is fixed with or without phone conversations in progress. Advancements in technology have enabled us to transmit phone conversations over our existing data networks. By sharing the data network, a new phone service is now available called SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) trunks.

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SIP trunking replaces expensive POTS, PRI or T1 for telephone line phone service. Most PBX’s manufactured since early 2000 have the ability to receive SIP trunks directly without additional equipment. Business is rapidly moving to SIP trunking for reduced costs and additional features.

Allison Royce is a provider of SIP trunk technology offering your business a new way to obtain telephone service with lower cost and more features than legacy telephone services. SIP trunks are delivered to your business’ phone system over your existing broadband service, eliminating the need for a separate and dedicated telephone line or service.

SIP trunks can be connected to your existing legacy telephone system with a SIP gateway that will easily convert SIP trunks to POTS, T1 or PRI telephone service so no phone system upgrades are necessary. Even if your existing phone system cannot be expanded to accommodate additional desk phones, Allison Royce of South Texas and San Antonio can provide a hybrid solution to include SIP trunks and Hosted PBX for your main office and branch offices alike.


Start saving your company big today!  Contact Allison Royce of San Antonio to find out more about the Internet Phone technology that’s perfect for your business.