Fax technology is changing. The industry is rapidly moving away from expensive, cumbersome and outdated machines that use phone lines to transmit images of documents. Today we use email technology to send and receive fax images. Allison Royce of San Antonio and South Texas offers eFax service that seamlessly integrates with your existing email system to send and receive faxes.

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Instead of stuffing pages into a fax machine and hoping your fax is transmitted without error, you simply scan the pages with your office scanner to a JPG, PDF, TIFF format and send an email to your recipient’s fax number with your documents attached.

Instead of stuffing pages into a fax machine and praying your fax is transmitted without error, we simply scan the pages using our office scanner to a JPG, PDF, TIFF format and send an email to our recipient’s fax number with our documents attached. If you’ve created a document in Adobe PostScript, Microsoft Word, Excel, CSV, HTML or Plain Text formats, there’s no need to print the document to paper then stuff them into a fax machine to send. Simply attach your document to the email and hit send. Faxing documents has never been so easy! You receive a confirmation via email that your fax was received and successfully sent to the recipient’s fax machine.

When you receive a fax, we send the fax in PDF to your designated email address along with the date, time and the name and phone number of the sender. The entire process of sending and receiving provides five key benefits:

  1. If you’re sending faxes from electronic documents, there is no need to waste paper (Be Green) by printing your documents and stuffing them into your fax machine;
  2. When you receive faxes they are already in electronic format so you can file them in your electronic library and only print if needed, thus saving more paper (Be Green);
  3. The image quality of eFaxes is natively much higher because we are eliminating the electronic-to-paper-to-fax-to-fax-paper conversion process, thereby preserving and retaining a higher image quality, and;
  4. Fax portability—Since eFaxing is implemented using email, you can send and receive faxes anywhere you can use email, giving you a higher degree of portability and flexibility than ever!
  5. Seamlessly archive your faxes with your email.

With eFax you can fax from anywhere you can access email, not just the fax machine. Contact an Allison Royce representative today to learn more.