There are times when you have just a “quick question.” For your convenience, Allison Royce has assembled the following list of the most commonly asked questions to our support team. Please browse these to see if we have answered your question in these documents. If not, please feel free to open a service ticket by clicking the “Client Login” link above.


  1. KB20080816_HOWTO setup SyncML on Motorola Q9 c.
  2. KB20080910_HOWTO setup SyncJe on Blackberry 8820
  3. KB20080918_HOWTO Setup MDaemon Outlook Connector with Microsoft Outlook 2007
  4. KB20100616_HOWTO Setup Outlook 2007 with POP or IMAP
  5. KB20100617_HOWTO Setup Outlook 2003 with POP or IMAP
  6. KB20111214_HOWTO Create Outlook 2007 PST
  7. KB20080918_HOWTO Setup Outlook Connector with Microsoft Outlook
  8. KB20120117_HOWTO Setup ActiveSync for MDaemon on HTC HD7
  9. KB20120108_HOWTO Setup ActiveSync for MDaemon on iPhone-iPod, iPad
  10. KB20120301_HOWTO Setup Windows 7-XP Outlook 2010 with Exchange
  11. KB20120302_HOWTO Setup Windows 7-XP Outlook 2007 2003 with Exchange
  12. KB20121010_HOWTO Manage Undeliverable Email