Cloud Hosting Services and Data Storage Backup

Are your servers located on your premises? Allison Royce’s Cloud Storage allows you to store your data on a hard drive that actually exists in the Cloud, giving you greater protection from site disaster. Data storage in the cloud has multiple benefits (in addition to physical security), such as data protection provided by a team of IT engineers who constantly monitor your data storage and backups.

Cloud storage offers you the benefit and convenience of having a remotely accessible virtual hard drive that can be accessed by others as well. With Allison Royce’s help, you can control who has what type of access so only those with the need to upload and delete data can do so, while others can only read and download the files stored in your Cloud Storage.

Cloud Hosting Services depicted by a Data Storage Array Photo

Allison Royce of San Antonio and South Texas offers a complete array of Cloud Hosting Services, including Cloud Backup and Recovery, WebDrive, Cloud Servers, Data Center Colocation, and Hosted Infrastructure. Contact an Allison Royce representative today to find out more.

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