Allison Royce of San Antonio provides Computer Support and Desktop Management for everyone in your office. (See also Managed IT Services, Server Administration, IT Help Desk, and Microsoft Exchange® Management.)

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Commercial Computer Support (or “Desktop Support”) is always close at hand with an easy access Client Login Customer Portal, 24/7 IT Support Help Desk and specialized Remote Diagnostics for when you need it fixed fast. Allison Royce monitors and manages the workstation computers in your organization with day-to-day tasks such as application installation, data backup and recovery, diagnostics, troubleshooting and resolution, inventory management of equipment, inventory usage reports, Antivirus and Malware Protection, Patch Management, and much more. Our Managed IT Services for Computer Support include:

• Security Patch Management
• System Log Monitoring
• Virus Protection Management
• Daily System Audits
• End User Support Portal
• Monthly Management Reports
• Application Deployment
• Application Change Notification
• Hardware Change Notification
• Security Log Monitoring
• Application Log Monitoring

• Spyware Removal and Management
• Bandwidth Usage Tracking
• Asset Management
• Report Generation
• Remote Management
• End User Remote Control
• Desktop Policy Enforcement
• Backup and Disaster Recovery
• Best-of-breed data retention policies
• Web interface multi-location management
• Restore by Web, FTP and Windows software

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In addition to Computer Support, see also Allison’s Royce’s entire menu of Managed IT Services, including Firewall Management and Antivirus and Malware Protection. If you’re seeking Computer Support or Internet help, contact Allison Royce today to begin enjoying the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’ve got experts on it!


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